Build A Natural Dog Treat Box - Large

Build A Natural Dog Treat Box - Large

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Put together your very own Natural Dog Treat Box — all you have to do is select your dog's favourites from the list below to put them into your box, head to checkout, and job done, the selected doggy treats will be with you in no time.

This box is perfect if your dog is very selective over which treats they like best, we know how fussy our pets can be and this product caters for all breeds and sizes of dog so take a look at the box options and decide what your pooch will have and we will do the rest for you.

The following treatos can be added to your box:

Chicken & Cheese Treats, Chicken Feet, Duck Feet, Cow Hoof, Trachea, Lambs Head Skin with Fur, Cows Ear, Duck Neck, Pork Crunch (Inner Pig Ear), Dried Tripe, Pigs in Blankets, Puffed Pig Snout, Crunchy Pig Snout, Furry Rabbit Ears, Chicken Sausage, Fish Skin Cubes, Dried Liver, Dried Sprats, Paddy Whack, Beef Knuckle Bone.

You can also add some of our premium super chew treats, Buffalo Horn and Deer Leg for an extra cost - these will keep your dog de-stressed and entertained for hours on end and are brilliant if you have to leave them for an extended period of time.

Use code VINNIE25 to save 25% when you subscribe, and save 15% on each box thereafter. 

These dog treats are:

100% Natural
Additive and preservative-free
Perfect to keep your dog entertained and de-stressed
Please choose at least 10 scrumptious treats that your dog likes and we will make sure your delivery is bursting with flavour and deliciousness for your pride and joy.