The 12 Best Natural Dog Treats For 2022

Which Natural Dog Treats should you be feeding your dog this year? You can't go wrong with organic dog treats.

It’s 100% correct that dogs are a human’s best friend and so, we like to make sure that we are feeding our canine friends the best food we can to help aid their quality of life, happiness and also their lifespan, and a key element of a dogs diet are natural dog treats - from Rabbit Ears to Cows Hooves, different treats serve different purposes, but are vital for a dogs diet. 

Here, we take a look at 12 of the Best Natural Dog Treats you can feed your hound in 2022:

1. Deer Leg with Hair

deer leg with fur

    These super chewy and long-lasting treats are fantastic for promoting your dog’s dental health, deer leg dog chews last for ages and provide a great source of calcium whilst satisfying your dog's natural instinct to chew. Venison Legs contain no artificial chemicals or preservatives. 

    As the legs are still covered in hair they are an amazing source of fibre and also act as a natural de-wormer for your dog's digestive system. 

    They are also high in protein, hypoallergenic and grain-free. 

    We have Deer Legs available here or you can add them to your Build-A-Box order.

    Composed of: 100% Venison

    2. Rabbit Ears with Fur

    furry rabbit ears

    Furry Rabbit Ears are a dog’s favourite and come with many health benefits, they are a great alternative to cow and pigs ears. 

    Great for smaller breeds, rabbit ears are a natural de-wormer and are rich in fibre. 

    They are highly digestible, suitable for puppies, high in protein and promote good dental hygiene in dogs. 

    Bunny Ears are hypoallergenic which means they are less likely to cause allergies and intolerances. 

    We have bunny ears available here, or in many of our Natural Dog Treat Boxes that come filled with other goodies. 

    Composed of: 100% Rabbit Ear

    3. Cows Ears

    cows ears

    Another long-lasting chew which your dog will love are Cows Ears, which are low in fat and high in protein—perfect for pooches with sensitive stomachs. 

    If your dog likes beef they will enjoy a cows ear. They are a softer chew than some others so they are easier on the teeth of older dogs, or those with sensitive teeth. 

    Our XL Cows Ears are also great for larger breeds. 

    They promote good joint care, are hypoallergenic and they are easy to digest and are a staple addition to your dog's diet. 

    We also have them available in our Large Natural Dog Treat Box. 

    Composed of: 100% Beef Ears

    4. Cows Hoof

    cows hoof

    Cows Hooves or Beef Hooves as they are sometimes known are a super long-lasting natural dog treat that can be chewed on for hours, either empty or filled with a filling of your choice, ensuring your dog is kept busy and de-stressed.

    The hooves have been cleaned, cooked trimmed and dried before they arrive so they are ready to be chewed and contain no artificial chemicals or preservatives. 

    They are grain-free, high-protein and low-farm and come from British farms. 

    You can find them in plenty of our Natural Treat Boxes. 

    Composed of: 100% Beef Hoof

    5. Chicken Feet

    chicken feet

    Our Chicken Feet are good for dogs of all shapes and sizes. They are full of flavour and are a crunchy snack that is perfect for taking on walks with your hound, they don’t last too long so they are great when out and about. 

    Cooked and then air-dried they are a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin which are fantastic for keeping a dog’s joints healthy. 

    Chicken Feet are suitable for puppies, highly digestible and grain-free. Filled with protein, too. 

    Check them out in our Puppy Natural Dog Treat box. 

    Composed of: 100% Chicken Feet

    6. Duck Feet

    duck feet

    Crunchy and full of chondroitin like their chicken counterpart, dried duck feet have many other benefits too. 

    They are a brilliant snack to keep a dog’s dental hygiene in check and are suitable for breeds of all sizes, they’re light work for bigger dogs and last longer for smaller canines. 

    They also promote joint care, are suitable for pups and are easy to digest.

    You can grab some in our special Vinnie’s Crunch Box along with a host of other delicious doggy delicacies. 

    Composed of: 100% Duck Feet

    7. Dried Sprats

    dried sprats

    Sprats for dogs are the perfect fish addition to their daily diet and are a massive favourite for any pooch.

    They are a small fish so they can be broken up or fed whole and are rich in Omega 3 so they help with your dog's skin, joints and coat. 

    You can add these to your dog's food bowl to enhance any meal they are eating, adding lip-smackingly good taste. 

    Our Sprats are bred sustainably in the UK and are suitable for puppies and easy to digest. 

    Try them in your box today, your pup won’t be disappointed. 

    Composed of: 100% Sprat

    8. Fish Skin Cubes 

    fish skin cubes

    Sticking with fish, we move onto another across the board favourite for so many breeds of all shapes and sizes, White Fish Skin Cubes. 

    They have a slightly jagged, rough texture that like many of our treats, promote great dental hygiene in dogs. The texture helps remove tartar and other foods from within your dog's mouth. 

    These are a handy pocket snack and far better for your dog's health than many off-the-shelf dog biscuits, they contain high-quality proteins, oils and fats - perfect for brain and joint health. 

    Add these to your box when you build your own Natural Dog Treat Box. 

    Composed of: 100% White Fish Skins

    9. Duck Necks

    duck necks

    Dried Duck Necks are a super chewable, flaky dog treat offering that is mouth-wateringly tasty. 

    They are, like all our treats, 100% Natural and look after dogs with allergies and sensitive tummies. They contain no added preservatives or flavourings whatsoever. 

    Duck Necks are an amazing source of calcium, which helps joint health, potassium, which aids in the functioning of electrical charges in the heart, nerves, and muscles, glucosamine and chondroitin. 

    Composed of: 100% Duck

    10. Pigs Ears 

    pigs ears

    Pigs Ears are brilliant for older dogs, and a nutritious alternative to rawhide. 

    Again, they are long-lasting, grain-free, filled with protein and come from the UK, promoting dental hygiene and they come with the ability to keep dogs busy and de-stressed when chewing them. 

    Make sure to avoid pigs ears until your pooch is at least four months old, overweight or prone to bouts of pancreatitis. 

    Composed of: 100% Pigs Ears

    11. Dried Tripe 

    dried tripe

    Dehydrated Tripe is made from beef stomach and air-dried like most natural dog treats and are highly palatable. They usually last half an hour or less and should be fed to dogs once or twice a week, as a treat. 

    They are great for keeping up a dog’s dental hygiene routine and are high in protein and low in fat. 

    Our tripe is unbleached beef tripe - the stomach lining of a cow. 

    It’s also rich in Selenium which is a super-powerful antioxidant that can help to boost immune systems.

    They are suitable for 12+ Weeks Plus Puppies and are grain-free. 

    Smaller dogs love these and you can find them in our dedicated Small Dog Natural Treat Box.

    Composed of: 100% Beef Tripe

    12. Buffalo Horn 

    buffalo horn

    Buffalo Horns for dogs are stupidly tough and last for absolutely ages, think weeks and months, rather than hours—relieving anxiety through chewing.

    They are a chew that will keep your dog occupied and de-stressed for ages, amazing for leaving your pooch alone in the house so they don’t chew slippers and socks!

    These are an alternative to dental sticks and don’t leave a mess. 

    Remember: always supervise your dog when they chew buffalo horn or anything similar to avoid unwanted swallowing and make sure they do not chew too intensely if they are prone to heavy chewing, to be on the safe side.

    Composed of: 100% Buffalo Horn

    Natural Dog Treats That Just Missed Out

    An honorary mention has to go to the following treats which are all huge favourites with our four-legged friends:

    • Beef Trachea
    • Pork Crunch
    • Pig Snouts

    These are all available in ohmydog Boxes and keep dogs busy, healthy and aid their immune system. 

    Key Takeaways

    Feeding your dog natural treats not only keeps them happy but also improves their quality of life, but, you still need to stay cautious when feeding your pride and joy and supervise them when they are eating, just to be on the safe side, as you would with any food. 

    Always make sure they have fresh, clean water nearby and be on hand to assist them if they are having difficulty.

    If you have any questions about any of the treats mentioned, or anything we stock, do not hesitate to get in touch with us, via our website or social media. 

    If you subscribe to our Natural Treat Box Service, just use code VINNIE50 to save 50% on your first box and 15% each time after, you can cancel whenever you may need to. There's no tie-in. 

    Check out our full range of Natural Dog Treat Boxes here.

    Happy Treating!