A word from Vinnie…

Hello to all my furry friends and your dog mums and dads, I thought it was about time I told you our story and why ohmydog and our natural dog treats came to be. 

The truth is I am one spoilt fur baby and sometimes I am prone to a very sensitive tummy. I will chase and sometimes catch other small furry animals, so I had a taste for natural. 

Ah, the thrill of the chase and zooming fast! 

My family knew that I liked to occasionally eat my catch and they began to look into natural dog treats and their benefits. Did you know that high quality and all-natural dog treats contribute to better digestion, lower risk of diseases, strong immunity and increased energy and activity - leading to overall good physical and mental health? Chewing is proven to act as a mental stimulator for dogs so it’s better that we chew on good things and not mum’s slippers! I have nibbled on these a few times, and paw-rents are never very happy! 

I decided to have my say with the ohmydog team and create ‘Vinnie’s Crunch Box’ - our subscription dog treat box that’s amazing for hounds who like to crunch. 

I love to crunch down on rabbits ears, chicken feet, goose feet, tripe and especially fish skin cubes and dried sprats, then go giving out big licks!

I know a lot of my dog pals who have had a box of all natural dog treats from us have loved it and they keep coming back for more but I also know that some may have questions about our products or have specific requests and wish to try different treats. Trust me, you won’t regret it, I absolutely love them!

My furr-iend Apollo is allergic to chicken and Bella can’t stomach offal, so we have to ensure their natural treat boxes are packed specifically for them, and on the other hand my mate Dexter loves his box simply full of hairy rabbit ears and venison legs - we can make changes to any treat box and cater to any dogs needs, just let me or the omd team know. 

My mum also likes to make doggy-friendly soaps especially for me and we sell them to our wonderful doggy customers, too. These make sure I always smell as good as I look. 

So I have a shiny coat from eating my dried sprats and then it is silky smooth from using my special soaps in the tub. (The dreaded bath, not my favourite thing to do.) I usually do a runner if I can, but it’s always nice to smell good and I come around in the end. 

If you want a box tweaking slightly to suit your diet or taste, bark up and I’ll let Alex and the team sort you out. He likes to make sure we doggies are kept happy and every box looks the part before it leaves us, and you even get a piccie of moi giving you a big wave!

Take a look around our website and see what delicious treats and scrumptious soaps we have available for you and please get in touch if you have any questions - you will not be disappointed with our products or service, so make an order. (If you subscribe to our Natural Treats, it’s 15% cheaper, too.) 

Winner, winner, now where’s my dinner?!

Thank you, stay paw-some. 

Vinnie. xx